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What is the anti-epidemic effect of meltblown cloth?

Time:July 24 2020 Author:Jingde Medical Views:16120

Medical masks generally use a multi-layer structure, referred to as SMS structure: the two sides are a single anti-adhesive layer (S), the middle layer is a single or multiple meltblown layer (M), the best material for the melt blown layer is the melt Spray cloth.

The main material for masks to isolate viruses is M layer---meltblown non-woven fabric.

meltblown cloth

The meltblown cloth is made of a polypropylene material called high-melt finger fiber. It is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, which can effectively use static electricity to absorb virus dust, droplets, etc. This is also the last thing that masks can isolate viruses. the reason.

In fact, these three layers are all non-woven fabrics, the raw material is polypropylene, but the production process is different. Among them, the fiber diameter of the anti-sticking layer on the inside and the outside is relatively thick, about 20 microns; the fiber diameter of the melt blown cloth layer in the middle is only 2 microns, which is made of a polypropylene material called high melt finger fiber. It is fragile and cannot be washed with water or sprayed with alcohol. Even if it is wet and dried, it will damage the fiber and cause loopholes. Viruses will enter the loopholes. If they touch the mouth, the mask will lose its protective ability.

Therefore, if you want to recycle the mask, you can't boil, steam, roast, or spray it with alcohol. The best way is to hang it in a ventilated place.

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