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The difference between non-woven medical masks and cloth mas

Time:January 28 2021 Author:Jingde Medical Views:16120

According to the investigation and testing of Jingde Mask Laboratory, the differences between the two masks are as follows:

1.Non-woven medical mask

Material:  PP non-woven fabric, melt blown fabric

Advantages:  good bacteria and virus filtering effect, can reach more than 95%, breathable and comfortable, clean and hygienic

Disadvantages:  poor sealing; (wearing two disposable masks at a time can solve this problem)

Use occasions:  Suitable for haze weather and flu season all year round; for severe haze weather and virus infection isolation areas, two medical masks can be worn at a time to increase its sealing and protective effect. The filtration efficiency of disposable non-woven masks is at least 95%.

2.Cloth mask

Material:  Gauze

Advantages:  can be used multiple times

Disadvantages:  the filtering effect is generally below 80%

Use occasion:  The market has gradually eliminated sub-products

What kind of fabric is the mask non-woven fabric?

Non-woven masks are made of two layers of fiber non-woven fabrics that are professionally used for medical and health care, and a layer of filter melt spray cloth with a filtering and antibacterial effect of 99.5% or more is added in the middle. It adopts environmentally-friendly plastic strip, does not contain any metal, and is equipped with breathable and comfortable.

The design of the nose bridge can be adjusted for the most comfortable adjustment according to different face shapes. At present, non-woven masks have been widely used in electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering services, schools, hospitals, beauty, factories, environmental cleaning, public places, etc. use. The nature of the non-woven mask: structure: a total of three layers, two layers of non-woven fabric, a layer of melt blown fabric cloth, ear-hook type or lace-up type, with aluminum nose bridge, non-particle ultrasonic sealing edge, comfortable to wear. Color: blue, black, white. Size: 17.5cm*9cm\17.5cm*9.5cm\*9cm\18.5cm*9.5cm;  Application: disposable clean room mask with good antibacterial effect.

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