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  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks
  • FFP2 Head-worn Folded Masks

Head-mounted FFP2 Folded Mask

Product Description

  • Model:Head-mounted FFP2 Folded Mask

  • Head Straps :  Yellow, Adjustable

  • Material : 4-6 layers, non-woven fabric + Static heating cotton + meltblown fabric

  • Function : Dust/bacteria

  • Brand : JD Medical

  • Available time:reusable

  • Delivery Method:By Air, By DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS Express door to door, By Sea

  • Certificate : CE、FDA、CFDA,ISO、SGS

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Head-mounted FFP2 Folded Masks: mainly use non-woven fabrics, electrostatic cotton, FFP2 special melt blown cloth and other filter materials as the core filter type respiratory protection equipment to filter toxic and harmful particles in the air. Among them, the electrostatic thermally conductive cotton absorbs larger dust and has a thermal insulation effect. The biggest function of FFP2 dedicated melt blown cloth is to filter at least 95% of oily particles. In addition to preventing larger dust particles, it can also prevent people from splashing saliva when talking. The outer layer is 50g waterproof non-woven fabric. Based on the characteristics of FFP2 material itself, it is better than ordinary dust masks in protection and protection. In addition, the FFP2 mask is equipped with adjustable head straps to avoid the discomfort caused by wearing the mask for a long time.

The application fields and occasions of Head-mounted FFP2 Folded Masks mainly include: medical and health, electronics industry, food industry, beauty and health care, cleaning and nursing, etc. The applicable environmental characteristic is that the pollutants are only inert particles and liquids.

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How to wear FFP2 folded mask

FFP2 masks are generally divided into cup-shaped masks and folding masks, and their wearing methods are basically the same. Wash your hands before wearing a mask. Then, use the nose clip to rotate one hand of the FFP2 mask backward. Cover your nose, mouth and chin with a protective mask. Press your nose tightly on your face. With the other hand, pull the lower head strap over the top of the head, under the ears behind the neck, and then pull the shoulder strap between the head. Place the tip of your finger on the metal nose clip. Starting from the middle position, press the nose clip with your fingers inward, move them to both sides and press. Shape the nose clip according to the shape of the bridge of the nose.


Head-mounted FFP2 Folded Mask Features:

1. High strength, small difference at longitudinal and longitudinal direction.

2. Acid, non-toxic, non-radiation, harmless to human physiology.

3. With excellent breathability.

4. Master batch dying, never fade

5. Smooth, bright color, roll slitting, easy use, best quality.

6. Waterproof, Breathable, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Pull, Tear-Resistant.



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