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Three-layer medical non-sterile mask

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Why are medical masks non-sterile

Medical masks are mainly divided into three types: medical protective masks, medical surgical masks, and ordinary medical masks. They are made of one or more layers of non-woven fabrics. Medical non-sterile masks are also one of the medical masks. Sterile masks mainly refer to microbiological control standards, that is, masks that allow a certain amount of bacteria but must be within the controllable range.

Can medical non-sterile masks prevent viruses?

can. In fact, whether it is medical non-sterile or medical sterile masks, they can be used to prevent viruses in life, and can effectively block and prevent microbial infections. Non-sterile masks can effectively prevent viruses if the filtration efficiency of non-oily fine particles reaches the standard, such as medical non-sterile masks. It is also managed strictly in accordance with the medical device management method, which can meet the needs of people in daily life, but cannot be used in medical work that requires strict control of the microbial environment, such as ICUs, operating rooms, and other places.

Three-layer medical non-sterile mask

Do you need to buy sterile-grade masks?

It depends on the actual situation. In summary, it can be known that medical masks are divided into sterile and non-sterile types, both of which have the effect of preventing viruses, but compared to sterile masks, non-sterile masks have a relatively narrow scope of application. As sterile-grade masks have passed the sterilization management, they can be used in ICUs, operating rooms and other places requiring medical treatment; non-sterilized masks are mainly used for protection in people's daily lives. Whether you need to buy sterile-grade masks in your life depends mainly on the purpose and location. For ordinary people, it is also possible to use non-sterile-grade masks.

What is the difference between sterile and non-sterile masks

The main differences are as follows: The main difference between sterile and non-sterile medical masks is the presence or absence of the final sterilization process, which means that the production of medical masks is just ordinary, poor protection, and easy to be infected with bacteria. ,virus. The sterilized masks are sterile within the validity period of the package. The sterilized masks are similar to the gas masks that filter poisonous bacteria, while the non-sterilized masks are general dust and haze masks.

Three-layer medical non-sterile mask

Three-layer medical non-sterile mask

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