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What is the difference between mask kn95 and n95

The protection levels of KN95 and N95 masks are equivalent, but they follow the testing standards of different countries. N95 is the certification level of American respirators, certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This type of mask can filter out more than 95% of non-oily particles under the specified air flow (85L/min), while the KN95 mask follows the Chinese standard, and the protection efficiency of the two against non-oily particles is not less than 95%. The effect is the same.

Head-mounted N95 Mask Wholesale

The difference between n95 and kn95 masks for medical and civilian use

The main difference is that the outer surface of medical masks has been hydrophobically treated. The medical surgical masks of GB19083-2010 and YY0469-2011 clearly put forward the requirements of "synthetic blood penetration", and the parameter index of "surface moisture resistance" clarifies medical protective masks. The protective effect of liquids such as blood and body fluids. In layman's terms, it is like water droplets falling on a lotus leaf will roll off. The liquid cannot be soaked on the surface of the mask, which can block the medical staff from frequent contact with alcohol, blood, etc., and prevent it from quickly penetrating; not the medical type KN95 /N95 masks will not undergo this special treatment.

N95 and kn95 with breathing valve is good or not

KN95/N95 masks are also divided into breathing valve and non-breathing valve. For masks, whether there is an exhalation valve or not will not affect the wearer's respiratory protection, but the breathability and the place of use are different. It is recommended:

  1. Both n95 and kn95 medical masks do not have a breathing valve, and medical personnel use masks that cannot wear breathing valves.

  2. During the epidemic, if the surrounding environment is harsh, ordinary people try to choose KN95/N95 masks or medical surgical masks without breathing valves.

  3. A mask with an exhalation valve can protect the wearer, but not the people around. If you are a virus carrier, please choose a mask without an exhalation valve to prevent the virus from spreading.

  4. If you want to maintain a sterile environment, you cannot use a mask with an exhalation valve, because the wearer may exhale bacteria or viruses, such as entering and leaving the hospital.

  5. Generally speaking, for people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, heart disease or other diseases accompanied by breathing difficulties, the use of masks without breathing valves may make it more difficult for the wearer to breathe. It is recommended to use exhalation valves. Masks can make them breathe easier and help reduce heat buildup.

How to check if n95 masks are genuine

1. Smell the smell

 Under normal circumstances, n95 masks, as a mask with a relatively high level of protection, will not have any peculiar smell. If there is a peculiar smell, it is very likely to be a fake and fake mask. It is not recommended to buy it.

2. Look at the handwriting

 Generally, good quality n95 masks are printed clearly, because n95 mask silk needs laser printing, and the printed fonts have traces of laser corrosion, and the handwriting of counterfeit and inferior products will be very blurred.

3. Look at the packaging

 The packaging of genuine and fake n95 masks is also different. Generally, if the font on the packaging of n95 masks has no light transmittance or the printing color has color difference or inferior marks, then most of them are fake.

4. Observe product information

Finally, you can check the medical information website according to the detailed information or number information of the mask. It is really certain that there is a remark on the product information on the website.

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