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In places with high crowd density and no ventilation, and in some relatively "high-risk" environments (such as hospitals, etc.), masks with more than 12 layers (medical masks) should be worn. Any mask has a certain protective effect. Wearing it is better than not wearing it. But one, two, three or four-layer masks are difficult to tell how effective they are. Thicker ones are definitely better than thinner ones, but they should not be too thick, otherwise It will be panicked, and the effect may not be good. You must clean your hands before and after wearing the mask. Wear the mask according to the packaging instructions, including fixing the tether of the mask tightly so that the mask is close to your face. If the mask is worn too loosely and does not fit the face, air will enter through the side gaps, and the preventive effect cannot be achieved. In addition, you must cover both the mouth and nose. Some people only cover the mouth, because the nose is the main way for human body air to enter and exit. Masks cannot be worn on both sides in turn, because the outer side is easy to absorb germs. If you don’t clean it, you can wear the outer side and then inward, which is easy to get germs. Only the right method can isolate the virus to the greatest extent and prevent disease.

It should be noted that it is actually unscientific for many people to wear masks continuously regardless of occasion and time, and the wearing time should not be too long. Under normal circumstances, the mask is attached to the protein and moisture that people exhale within 4 hours. Substances will breed bacteria and are very harmful to the human body. It will also reduce their own resistance due to long-term inability to breathe fresh air. People will easily sweat and moisten the mask when it is hot. Once the mask is wet, it cannot effectively resist If the virus is invading, the mask should be changed. It is best to prepare a few more masks for easy replacement and washing. Wearing a mask for a long time feels bored. If you want to take off the mask for ventilation, you must go to a clean area without virus infection and a place where people are not concentrated.

What type of masks do we choose?

1. Good fit

2. Good filterability

3. Ultrasonic bonding

4. Anti-fogging glasses

5. Prevent facial allergies

A good mask can meet your own requirements. The material, texture and comfort of the mask are all very important.

Choose a good quality mask?

It is recommended to use the mask for no more than 40 hours. In addition, because the mask has a breathing valve, it can be reused. When you can smell peculiar smell after wearing it for a long time, it means that the filtering effect of the mask is very poor and needs to be replaced immediately.

The best choice for anti-smog masks is Jingde. Jingde is suitable for people of all ages. It has several characteristics, 1. Good fit and comfort: the aluminum strip is soft, super adjustable, fits the nose and chin, and does not hold your breath. The earhooks are also very comfortable and won't be painful or painful to wear like a rubber band. 2. Good filterability: 99.8% filtration efficiency for particles as small as 0.1 microns, and 99.9% filtration efficiency for bacteria or virus carriers as small as 0.3 microns (common in droplets). 3. Ultrasonic bonding, pure white body, no peculiar smell. 4. Anti-fogging of the glasses: Six times after half an hour outside each time, the mask has been slightly moist, but the glasses really have not fogged at all. 5. Anti-facial allergies: The inner layer of Jingde mask is made of pure white super soft anti-allergic cellulose material, no dye, no ink, no chemicals, no irritation, not easy to break, and caring for sensitive skin.



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