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White Disposable Non-woven Masks

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White disposable masks are mainly used for protection. Jingde masks remind everyone: according to different protection requirements, different types of masks are selected. Ordinary flat masks generally consist of three layers, the upper and lower sides are made of pp non-woven fabric, and the middle layer It is a protective melt blown cloth, generally 20 grams of weight. while the cup-shaped mask is composed of hot-air cotton, melt blown cloth, and non-woven fabrics. The melt blown cloth is usually 40 grams or even higher. The thickness of the hot air cotton, so it looks thicker than a flat mask in appearance, and its protective effect can reach at least 95%.

Uses of white disposable non-woven masks

There are three layers of non-woven fabrics for white disposable masks. The outermost layer and the innermost layer are pp non-woven fabrics that are used in medical and health care. Add a layer in the middle to filter and prevent bacteria from 99.5% or more. Ultrasonic welding. The filtering effect is as high as 99.5%. The non-woven fabric used for masks is made of soft and comfortable P.P. material, which does not irritate the skin. This material is comfortable and breathable. It can be applied to the electronics manufacturing industry, dust-free workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, motorcycles, spraying processing, stamping hardware, health centers, handicrafts, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals, factories, environmental clean, public places, etc. multiple uses

What are the advantages of white disposable non-woven masks?

The main reason why white disposable non-woven masks are favored by people is that they have the following advantages: good air permeability, non-woven fabrics have better air permeability than other fabrics, if there is filter paper in the non-woven fabric, it The filterability of the non-woven mask will be better. at the same time, the heat preservation of the non-woven mask is higher than that of the ordinary mask, and its water absorption and waterproof effect are good.

In addition, the white disposable non-woven fabric masks has good stretchability, even if it is stretched left and right, it will not appear messy. It has a good hand feel and is very soft. Even if it is washed many times, it will not harden under the sun. Non-woven masks are highly elastic and can return to their original shape after long-term use.

white disposable non-woven masks

white disposable non-woven masks

white disposable non-woven masks

white disposable non-woven masks

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