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White Civilian Face Masks In Finland

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What is the function of disposable civilian masks?

Disposable civilian masks are mainly composed of the surface of the mask and the drawstring. The face of the mask is divided into three layers: outer, middle and inner. The outer layer is a special material antibacterial layer, which can be simply filtered to prevent dust. The middle layer is an isolation filter layer to isolate viruses in the air, while the inner layer It is made of skin-friendly material with comfortable inner quality and strong ventilation effect, making people feel comfortable.

Is it useful to wear ordinary three-layer masks?

Ordinary three-layer masks are useless. They can't filter out bacteria and viruses outside. Only medical masks can effectively prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the body. Some civilian three-layer masks are of course useful and have different effects. General fly dust and bacteria are better protection against viruses.

How to distinguish the front and back of a white flat mask?

According to the degree of smoothness, the outer surface of the mask is mostly smooth due to its water-blocking function; the inner layer is mostly made of a material with good air permeability, which is close to the skin, which is good for breathing, and is relatively delicate and comfortable.

Precautions for wearing white civilian masks:

  1. Wash your hands before wearing a mask.

  2. When wearing a disposable civilian mask, fully unfold the folded face, completely wrap the mouth, nose, and chin, and then press the nose clip to make the mask fit the face completely.

  3. After wearing the mask, try not to touch the mask. If you must touch, remember to wash your hands before and after touching.

  4. When removing the mask, try not to touch the outside of the mask. Remember to wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.

How to choose a mask?

  1. No need to choose professional protective masks

It is not necessary to choose to wear professional protective masks such as those to filter PM2.5. In theory, the more airtight the protective material of the mask, the better the effect of blocking particles.

Conversely, the more airtight the mask, the more obvious the increase in breathing resistance and the harder it is to breathe. Wearing and other professional protective masks must be trained, otherwise it will easily cause breathing difficulties and dizziness due to lack of oxygen.

  2. Buy regular masks

At present, the country has not issued a standard for civilian masks, and the quality of masks on the market varies from good to bad. You must choose masks with large brands and formal product packaging and instructions, such as disposable medical surgical masks or gauze masks with more than 12 layers. Don't be greedy for cheap, buy masks on stalls that do not have sanitation permits.

White Civilian Face Masks In Finland

White Civilian Face Masks In Finland

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