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How often to change N95 mask

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How often to change N95 mask

Some researchers have done relevant research on the protection efficiency and wearing time of medical protective masks. The results show that when the mask is worn for 24-48 hours, the filtration efficiency remains above 95%, and the respiratory resistance changes little; the filtration efficiency decreases to 94.7% after wearing for 3 days.

When the following situations occur, the mask should be replaced in time:

  1. When the respiratory impedance increases significantly;

  2. When the mask is broken or damaged;

  3. When the mask and face cannot be closely attached;

  4. The mask is contaminated (if it is stained with foreign objects such as blood stains or droplets);

  5. It has been used in individual wards or in contact with patients (because the mask has been contaminated).


Can N95 masks be cleaned?

N95 masks cannot be cleaned. Now the filter cotton of dust masks adopts the principle of electrostatic adsorption. Once cleaned, the structure of the filter cotton is easily damaged, resulting in poor protection.

The principle of using masks to prevent diseases is actually very simple. It is to block the droplets of pathogenic bacteria in the air.

The requirements for material and filterability are not so high. Although the disposable sterile medical masks are very cheap, the barrier effect is not much different from expensive masks. If you are not in an epidemic area or have close contact with patients, there is no need to wear it.

It is not recommended for babies under 3 years of age to wear a mask. The child’s respiratory system is not fully developed, and it is easy to become stuffy. And when babies wearing masks feel uncomfortable, they tend to resist. Older babies can choose age-appropriate masks, which must fit the face for protection.

Precautions for use

  1. Wash your hands before wearing a mask, or avoid touching the inner side of the mask while wearing a mask to reduce the possibility of contamination of the mask.

  2. Distinguish the inside and outside, up and down of the mask.

  3. Do not squeeze the mask with your hands. The mask can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you squeeze the mask with your hands, the virus will soak through the mask with the droplets, which will easily cause virus infection.

  4. Try to make the mask fit well with the face. The simple test method is: After putting on the mask, exhale forcefully so that air cannot leak from the edge of the mask.

  5. The protective mask must be in close contact with the user's face. The user must shave the beard to ensure that the mask can be closely attached to the face. The beard and anything between the mask gasket and the face will cause the mask to leak.

  6. After adjusting the position of the mask according to your face shape, use the index fingers of both hands to press the nose clip along the upper edge of the mask to make it close to the face.

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